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The Spartan-II LC Development Kit provides an easy-to-use, low-cost evaluation platform for developing designs and applications based on the Xilinx Spartan-II FPGA family. The kit bundles a versatile Spartan-II demonstration board with a power supply, user guide, and reference designs. A WebPACKâ„¢ version of the kit adds the JTAG programming cable and the Xilinx ISEâ„¢ WebPACK software CD.

The Spartan-II LC demonstration board utilizes the 100,000-gate Xilinx Spartan-II device (XC2S100-5PQ208C) in the 208-pin quad flat-pack package. The XC2S100 FPGA provides designers with an assortment of system-level features, including block RAM, DLLs, and 2,700 logic cells. This mix of resources even allows implementation of simple MicroBlaze™– based designs. The demonstration board includes the 2.5V core voltage supply and a fixed 3.3V I/O voltage supply. Both power supplies can be disabled for external power connection. Seventy-eight user I/O signals from the FPGA are connected to user headers that surround the FPGA, and an additional 27 user I/O signals are brought to the prototype area on the board.

The Spartan-II board includes the 18V01 ISP configuration prom, an optional footprint for the new Xilinx Platform Flash, a JTAG header, and a SelectMAP connector. An on-board, socketed clock oscillator, RS-232 serial port, two seven-segment LEDs, user LEDs, switches, and additional user support circuits complete the board design. The Spartan-II FPGA family has the advanced features needed to fit the most demanding, high volume applications. The Xilinx Spartan-II LC Development Kit provides an excellent platform to explore these features so that designers can quickly and effectively meet time-to-market requirements.

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