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Cyclone II EP2C35

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The Altera® Development and Education (DE2 ) board provides an ideal vehicle for learning about digital logic, computer organization, and FPGAs. Featuring an Altera Cyclone® II FPGA, the DE2 board offers state-of-the-art technology suitable for university and college laboratory use, a wide range of design projects, as well as sophisticated digital system development.

A Ready-To-Teach Platform
Board Information
Design Projects and Digital Systems Applications
Software Updates
Ordering Information
A Ready-to-Teach Platform
Unlike most educational FPGA-based boards, Altera's DE2 board provides a complete, ready-to-teach platform for use in courses on logic design and computer organization. The DE2 board suits a wide range of exercises from simple tasks and illustrating fundamental concepts, to challenging designs requiring more advanced knowledge.

The complete DE2 package includes:

An 8-inch by 6-inch DE2 board with a Cyclone II EP2C35 (672-pin package) FPGA
Quartus® II Web Edition software
Nios® II embedded processor
A suite of supporting materials and tools, including:
DE2 System CD (updates)
DE2 User Manual (PDF)
DE2 pin assignments (CSV)
University Program IP Cores
Ready-to-teach laboratory exercises
Example designs and demonstrations
Testing programs
9-V AC/DC adaptor
Plexiglas cover for the DE2 board
Copper stands with non-slip feet
USB cable

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