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Cubic Cyclonium Demonstration Kit
Cubic Cyclonium is an exciting new way to quickly and easily demonstrate the power and flexibility of FPGAs while highlighting the new Cyclone™ device, Nios® embedded processor, SOPC Builder, and Quartus® II software.
With a Cubic Cyclonium demonstration kit, you can:

Run applications that show the flexibility and power of Altera's Cyclone device (the Getting Started application is included on a CD ROM)
Use Altera's Nios embedded processor to run demonstration code or to write your own code (neither a complete Nios embedded processor, nor Quartus II Web Edition are supplied in this kit)
Modify the embedded hardware design examples to create your own embedded system
Kit Contents
The Cubic Cyclonium demonstration kit includes the following:

Cubic Cyclonium
Cyclone EP1C6 Device
MAX® EPM7064AE CPLD configuration control logic
Single data rate (SDR) SDRAM (8 Mbytes, 32-bit wide)
EPCS4 Serial Configuration Device (4 Mb)
Universal serial bus (USB) 1.1 for communications and power (the Cubic Cyclonium gets its power from the USB port)
168 LED display (8 X21)
VGA output connector (VGA cable not included)
10 I/O pins
USB A to B Cable
Getting Started CD with PC-based application
Getting Started guide

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