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Altera EP1K100

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Reconfigurable Acex FPGA Modules with Digital I/O

This series of plug-in mezzanine modules provides a user-customizable FPGA on an Industry Pack (IP) module. The module allows users to develop and store their own instruction set in the FPGA for adaptive computing applications. Typical uses include specialized communication systems over RS422/485 networks, test fixture simulation of signals over TTL-switched lines, and analysis of acquired data using specialized mathematical formulas such as those developed with MathWorks’s MatLab® software.

The FPGA on Acromag’s IP-1K110 modules can control up to 48 TTL or 24 RS485 I/O signals or a mix of both types. User application programs are downloaded through the IP bus directly into the FPGA. A pre-programmed internal CPLD facilitates initialization by acting as the bus controller during power-up and while the program is downloading. This bus controller is limited to functions necessary for power-up and downloading. After the program downloads, the FPGA takes control of the IP bus and the CPLD is disabled.


Altera® EP1K100 FPGA
Three models available:
IP-1K110-0024: 24 differential RS485 lines
IP-1K110-2412: 24 TTL lines and 12 RS485
IP-1K110-4800: 48 TTL lines
FPGA programmable via the IP bus
Local static RAM (64K x 16) under FPGA control
Programmable PLL-based clock synthesizer
Supports 8MHz and 32MHz IP bus
User-programmable interval timer
Example FPGA design code provided as VHDL
- 8MHz IP bus interface
- Digital I/O control register
- others
Hardware support for DMA and memory space

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