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Communication and Networking
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This IP is one of four that Lattice offers to support Universal Test & Operations PHY Interface for ATM (UTOPIA) Level 3. The UTOPIA Level 3 ATM Transmit Interface is designed to perform transmission of ATM cells in different configurable cell formats from the ATM layer device (ATM) to the UTOPIA bus of the Physical (PHY) layer device. The core provides a bridge function between the PHY and ATM layers using a high-speed handshaking mechanism. All UTOPIA Level 3 operation modes are fully supported. These include the Single-PHY mode and Multi-PHY mode with direct status indication (using up to four txclav) or polling (using one txclav). In addition to this IP, Lattice offers other IPs for transmitting and receiving ATM cells to and from the PHY and ATM sides.

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