What is your preferred platform for FPGA Design Flow ?:

16-bit, 8-bit Microcontroller (with multi-threading and pipeline support)

IP Vendor: 
Unicore Systems
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Embedded Processing
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B3 is a small, easy to use microcontroller core targeted for working as an embedded processor in different applications. It has a rich variety of commands, most of them require 1 CPU clock for execution. MCU operates with 8 and 16 bit data. Executable program and data share the same memory space. Maximal addressing range is 64 Kbytes. MCU has an additional 256-bytes IO space, which allows mapping different periphery. MCU is multithread. Thread request can be done by software and by hardware which provides flexibility to the designers. It has also a regular IRQ handling support, but IRQ execution is faster compared with other microcontrollers because user does not need to save register content at the beginning of the interrupt and does not need to restore it at the end.

Main features:

  • 8 and 16 bit operations
  • 64 Kbytes memory space and 256 bytes I/O space
  • Command pipelining with 1 CPU clock of execution for most commands
  • Native multi-threading support
  • Effective Interrupt Requests handling
  • Thread execution requests handling mechanism. External periphery can request the attention of the MCU when execution is needed. All other time MCU can stay in sleep mode, minimizing a consumption.
  • IDE with integrated Linker and Assembler (instructions are included)

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