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Turbo Encoder

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DSP - Digital Signal Processing
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"Turbo coding is an advanced error correction technique widely used in the communications industry. Turbo encoders and decoders are key elements in today's communication systems to achieve the best possible data reception with least possible errors. The basis of turbo coding is to introduce redundancy in the data to be transmitted through a channel. The redundant data helps to recover original data from the received data.

Lattice's Turbo Encoder IP Core is compliant with three different standards: 3GPP, 3GPP2, and CCSDS. The 3GPP and 3GPP2 standards are widely used in WCDMA and MC-CDMA applications while CCSDS is most commonly found in telemetry and space communications. Each one of these encoders is a separate entity as the interleaver and control logic for each encoder is completely different.

Lattice's Turbo Encoder core is created in conjunction with the Turbo Decoder core to provide users with a state of the art error correction technique.

Fully compatible with the following standards:
3GPP TS 25.212 Version 4.2.0
3GPP2 C.S0002-A
CCSDS 101.0-B-5
Up to 60 MHz clock speed
Variable input block sizes
User defined number of states
Fixed processing delay of 12 cycles for CCSDS, 10 cycles for 3GPP, and 9 cycles for 3GPP2.
User parameterized forward and backward polynomials
Programmable puncturing support
IP Core Package Contains
Data Sheet and User's Guide
Lattice Netlist and Secured Simulation Model
Behavioral Testbench"

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