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Think2D Graphics Accelerator

IP Vendor: 
Think Silicon Ltd
IP Code Language: 
IP Type: 
IP Category: 
Audio, Video and Image Processing
IP Description: 
  • Modular Design based in AMBA AHB interface for easy SoC Integration.
  • AMBA AHB 1xSlave for Register Programming
  • AMBA AHB 2xMaster for Connection to Framebuffer and source surfaces
  • pure Synthesizable Verilog RTL
  • High Performance Rending Engine 1-2 pixels/clock cycle
  • Evaluation board based on Altera FPGA available
  • Command List DMAs to minimise CPU overhead
  • 2D Drawing Engine:
    • Pixel Drawing
    • Line Drawing (any direction)
    • Filled Rectangles
  • Colour formats
    • RGBA8888
    • RGB565
    • RGBA5551
    • RGBA4444
    • Lum8
    • A8
    • A1
    • YUV (YUY2,UYVY)
  • Full Alpha Blending
    • Porter-Duff Blending modes
    • DirectFB Blending Modes
    • Configurable Clipping Rectangle
    • Destination Colour keying
  • Blitter
    • High performance DMA Blitter moves raster images in memory
    • Image format Colour Conversion on-the-fly
    • Stretching on the x and y axis
    • Source Color Keying
    • Supports 90, 180, 270 degrees rotation, Mirror-X Mirror-Y


  • VGA/LCD Controller (optional)
  • Modular Design based in AMBA AHB interface for easy SoC Integration.
  • Software Library in portable ANSI C
  • Linux Framebuffer Drivers
  • pure Synthesizable Verilog RTL
  • Can be Customized to match your requirements

Think2D is a Graphics Accelerator IP Core designed to bring high performance rendering to a range of embedded and mobile applications. It is a highly optimised core that accelerates with impressive performance commonly used graphics functions including image transfers, image scaling, drawing filled rectangles and lines while performing complex blending. Available complete with Linux Framebuffer and DirectFB Drivers

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