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10Gb Ethernet MAC

IP Vendor: 
Tamba Networks, Inc.
IP Type: 
IP Category: 
Communication and Networking
IP Description: 

10G Ethernet MAC Features:

  • Full MAC layer  and Reconciliation sub-layer implementation compliant with IEEE802.3ae
  • PHY error and  fault signaling  provided by Reconciliation sub-layer
  • CRC-32 insertion and checking at line-rate
  • 100%  10-Gbps bandwidth through implementation of Deficit Idle Counter (DIC)
  • Configurable IPG with DIC from 4 bytes to 256 bytes. Note, 12 bytes is the standard, and the 
  • default mode.
  • Configurable mode for padding insertion and removal.
  • Optionally delivered with configurable preamble size and contents.
  • Full handling on transmit FIFO underrun and receive FIFO overflow.
  • Support for  port-based  Pause frame generation and reception
  • Jumbo frame support (1522-16K bytes)
  • Transmit  and receive  clock and data rate decoupling with programmable asynchronous FIFO
  • Transmit and Receive Statistics Vector
  • Simple 32-Bit or 64-Bit User interface

Tamba Networks offers a size and latency optimized 10GE MAC w/ PCS. The core is optimized for operation in FPGA architectures.
The user transmit interface is through an asynchronous 32-entry 32-bit or 64-bit wide FIFO.
The control signals are user programmable.
The user receive interface is through an asynchronous 32-bit or 64-bit wide FIFO. The FIFO is controlled by the core, and the user sees a
streaming interface at the user clock rate.
The line side interface is through XAUI, RXAUI or 10gBaseR. The core clock domain runs at 312.5/323 MHz.
The core is delivered as either a Xilinx or an Altera optimized solution. The core is plug-and-play with the chosen vendor’s SerDes system-interface.
The solution works with both FPGA vendor’s middle speed-grade FPGA or faster.

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