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IP Vendor: 
SingMai Electronics
IP Code Language: 
IP Type: 
IP Category: 
Audio, Video and Image Processing
IP Description: 

PT12 provides luma and chroma noise reduction using a recursive filter. Motion blurring is avoided using non-linear motion adaptation which may also be turned off for operation on images with very high levels of noise that have little or no motion. PT12 has a programmable bit depth allowing it operate on all images including the popular 8/10/12 bit depths.

PT12 works at all SD and HD resolutions requiring a simple frame delay FIFO. A suitable SD SDRAM FIFO controller is available from here. PT12 also allows a window feature permitting split screen 'before and after' comparisons.

PT12 is a motion adaptive video/image noise reducer IP core for SD and HD resolutions.

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