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RLDRAM II Controller

IP Vendor: 
IP Target Vendor: 
IP Type: 
IP Category: 
Bus Interface and IO
IP Supported FPGA Device: 
Hardcopy II
Stratix II
Stratix II GX
IP Description: 

Support for industry-standard RLDRAM II components
Common I/O (CIO) and separate I/O (SIO) device support
Flexible and robust design
Nonmultiplexed addressing
Datapath generation
Data strobe signal (DQS) and non-DQS capture modes
Easy-to-use IP Toolbench interface and automatic constraint generation
IP functional simulation models for use in Altera-supported VHDL and Verilog HDL simulators
General Description
The RLDRAM II Controller MegaCore® function handles the complex aspects of using RLDRAM II—initializing the memory devices and translating read and write requests from the local interface into all the necessary RLDRAM II command signals.

The RLDRAM II controller is optimized for Altera® Stratix® III, Stratix II, Stratix GX, and HardCopy® II devices. The advanced features available in these devices allow you to interface directly to RLDRAM II devices.

IP Toolbench generates the following items:

A testbench, which instantiates the example design
A synthesizable example design which instantiates the following modules:
RLDRAM II controller:
Encrypted control logic, which takes transaction requests from the local interface and issues writes, reads, and refreshes to the memory interface
A clear-text datapath
Example driver—generates write, read and refresh requests and outputs a pass_fail signal to indicate that the tests are passing or failing
System phase-locked loop (PLL)—generates the RLDRAM II controller clocks
Delay locked loop (DLL)—instantiated in DQS mode and generates the DQS delay control signal for the dedicated DQS delay circuitry
Optional fedback clock PLL—instantiated in non-DQS mode and generates a capture clock for the datapath read capture and logic path"

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