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OBSAI Demonstration Platform

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Communication and Networking
IP Description: 

"The Open Base Station Architecture Initiative (OBSAI) Demonstration Platform contains all the information necessary to test the compliance of Lattice's ORT42G5 FPSC to OBSAI standards. The demonstration includes Lattice OBSAI RP3 Physical Layer and Data Link Layer IP core.

Complete OBSAI-RP3 solution based on the ORCA ORT42G5 FPSC chips
IP targeted to the ORT42G5 programmable array section implements functionality conforming to OBSAI RP3 Specification, including:
Support for the physical link layer of the OBSAI-RP3 specification
Support for the data link layer of the OBSAI-RP3 specification
Support for the two standard bit rates of the OBSAI-RP3 specification (768 Mb/s and 1536 Mb/s)
Parameterizable counter preload values controllable through processor accessible registers
Top level template implemented register set for control and status management, and 8-bit register interfacing via built-in ORCA4 System Bus"

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