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IPX-JPHD: JPEG 2000 HD Encoder family

IP Vendor: 
intoPIX s.a.
IP Target Vendor: 
IP Type: 
IP Category: 
Audio, Video and Image Processing
IP Supported FPGA Device: 
Virtex-5 FXT
Virtex-5 LX
Virtex-5 LXT
Virtex-5 SXT
IP Description: 

The IPX-JPHD is a high
quality and cost effective family of FPGA based JPEG 2000 encoders designed
to meet the requirements of high data rate processing in broadcast Acquisition,
Storage and Contribution.

Based on a single chip,
the exceptionally flexible IPX-JPHD family supports variable compression
ratio’s up to Lossless and can be adapted to any image resolution
up to HD (1920 x 1080).

The powerful IPX-JPHD
modules also provide a compact and reliable solution to broadcasters
need for Multi-channel operation through a unique single chip design
that enables up to four HD channels to be streamed simultaneously at
a total frame rate of 120fps.

Purpose designed for
the Xilinx® FPGA the IPX-JPHD family is a no compromise solution that
takes full advantage of the benefits of the state-of-the-art Virtex-5â„¢
platform including easy connection to HD-SDI, SDI, SDTI, ASI, PCI-Express®
and Gigabit Ethernet broadcast and system interfaces.

Key features

    JPEG 2000 ISO/IEC 15444-1
  • Wavelet transform filter:
    5/3 and 9/7 filters, 18-bit fixed point precision
        • 5/3
          for Lossless compression

        • 9/7
          for Lossy compression

  • Component transform: RCT and
    ICT 18-bit fixed point precision
        • RCT for Lossless compression

      • ICT for Lossy compression

  • Wavelet decompositions •
    Up to 6 decompositions
  • Tiles: Single tile (multiple
    tiles are optional)
  • Quality layer: Single quality
  • Code block size: 32 x 32
    pixels (other sizes are optional)
  • Code block coding style:
    Standard JPEG 2000 options
  • Compressed data rate: Up
    to Lossless
  • Image resolution: Up to 1920
    x 1080 /channel
  • Frame rate: Up to 120fps total
    @ HD resolution
  • Color format: RGB or YUV
  • Chroma subsampling: 4:4:4
    or 4:2:2
  • Color depth: Up to 12 bits
    per component
  • Progression order: CPRL
  • Precinct size: 128x128 for
    the smallest LL subband

for other subbands

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