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IPX-JP4K: JPEG 2000 4K Decoder

IP Vendor: 
intoPIX s.a.
IP Target Vendor: 
IP Type: 
IP Category: 
Audio, Video and Image Processing
IP Supported FPGA Device: 
Virtex-4 FX
Virtex-4 LX
Virtex-4 SX
Virtex-5 FXT
Virtex-5 LX
Virtex-5 LXT
Virtex-5 SXT
IP Description: 

The IPX-JP4K module is
an FPGA based JPEG 2000 decoder designed to meet the needs of high data
rate processing for such demanding applications as Digital Cinema playback
system and large picture and document archive access. 

The FPGA flexibility
enables custom combination of IPX-JP4K core with security IPX-AES and
watermarking cores, to meet specific application requirements. Efficiently
combining on-chip hardware and software operations for an optimal co-design
repartition of the decoding blocks, the IPX-JP4K also provides a unique
post deployment core renewability for field upgrade and update.

IPX-JP4K supports input
bitrate up to 500 Mbps and can be adapted to provide any picture size
(up to 4096 x 2160). The decoder is capable to output up to 24 and 96
frames per second (FPS) for 4K and 2K resolutions respectively, and
an output bitrate up to 7,6 Gbit/s.

The IPX-JP4K can output
in RGB, YUV or XYZ component formats and provides easy input and output
data interfacing through a simple synchronous FIFO.

Key features:

  • Image Coding Format JPEG 2000
    : ISO/IEC 15444-1
  • Digital Cinema Initiatives
    (DCI) compliant
  • Wavelet Transform Filter:
    5/3 and 9/7 filters 18-bit fixed point precision
  • Tiles: Single or multiple
  • Quality Layer: Single quality
    layer (Multiple quality layers optional)
  • Resolutions: Up to 7 resolutions
  • Code Block size: 32 x 32 pixels
  • Code Block coding style: Standard
    JPEG 2000 options
  • Input data-rate: Up to 500
  • Image size: Up to 4096 x 2160
  • Frame-rate: 24/48/96 FPS for
    2K and 24 FPS for 4K
  • Output throughput: Up to 7,6
  • Component transform: RCT and
    ICT 18-bit fixed point precision
  • Color output format: RGB,
    XYZ and YUV
  • Color Depth: Up to 12 bits
    per component
  • Recommended FPGA: Virtex-4

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