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Integrated PCI Core

IP Vendor: 
Northwest Logic, Inc.
IP Target Vendor: 
IP Type: 
IP Category: 
Bus Interface and IO
IP Supported FPGA Device: 
Cyclone II
Stratix II
IP Description: 

Pre-integrated—requires minimal PCI expertise and design effort to use
Provides maximum PCI throughput by supporting multiple posted writes, delayed reads, and read pre-fetching
Fully compliant with PCI transaction and ordering rules
Independent first-in first-out (FIFO) interfaces enable simultaneous PCI and local bus data transfers
Optional read streaming mode supports applications requiring high read data throughput
User-expandable configuration space can be loaded from EEPROM
33/66 MHz or 32/64-bit, host or peripheral, master/target, or target-only versions available
Provided with the Northwest Logic PCI-X/PCI Verification Suite (in source)
Core available in source code
Customization and integration services available
PCI Local Bus Specification Revision 3.0 compliant
Fast response, expert technical support provided by Northwest Logic IP designers

Northwest Logic's integrated PCI core is specifically designed to enable you to implement a high-performance PCI system with no additional PCI logic design. The integrated PCI core accomplishes this by integrating Northwest Logic's PCI core with a high-performance back-end module.

The integrated PCI core enables the maximum possible PCI throughput to be achieved through the use of independent FIFO interfaces: master write, target write, master read, and target read. The FIFO interfaces support multiple posted writes, delayed reads, and read pre-fetching operations. In addition, the FIFO interfaces enable PCI bus and local bus data transfers to occur simultaneously.

The core fully complies with all PCI transaction and ordering rules in accordance with the PCI specification.

The core is available in several versions including 32 or 32/64 bit, target-only or master/target, and peripheral or host.

The integrated PCI core is provided with Northwest Logic's PCI-X/PCI Verification Suite with complete scripting and random stimulus capabilities, enabling your design to be fully validated prior to use in hardware.

Northwest Logic also provides customization and integration services to produce complete logic designs."

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