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I2C Bus Controller Slave

IP Vendor: 
CAST, Inc.
IP Target Vendor: 
IP Type: 
IP Category: 
Bus Interface and IO
IP Supported FPGA Device: 
Apex 20KE
Flex 10KE
Stratix II
IP Description: 

"Implements a high-performance, half-duplex image or video encoder/decoder (codec) that complies with the baseline ISO/IEC 10918-1 JPEG standard.
One of the fastest available JPEG megafunctions, the JPEG-C provides a high-performance solution for a variety of image and video decompression applications. It can, for example, encode or decode over 30 frames/sec of 4:3 HDTV, 1440x1152, 4:2:0.
In addition to processing baseline JPEG streams, the megafunction can compress or decompress non-standard motion JPEG streams. It also has two options. Encoding can be enhanced with an optional add-on bit-rate control block, which may benefit applica-tions that have tight bandwidth constraints. Decoding may be enhanced with an optional IDCT block that enables down-scaling in the frequency domain, a feature that allows decompression at various resolutions from the same compressed stream.
The megafunction includes FIFO-like pixel and stream input/output interfaces, and other standard interfaces (e.g. AMBA) are also available. The megafunction is designed for reliability and ease of integration, and has been proven in a number of ASIC and FPGA designs. The deliverables include a software bit-accurate model that facilitates system-on-chip verification.
May 2006
The JPEG-C can be utilized for a variety of multimedia applications including:
• Office automation equipment (Multifunction printers, scanners, digital copiers etc)
• Digital cameras & camcorders
• Video production, video conference
• Display-projection systems
• Surveillance systems"

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