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GEOS-10: 10:1 Gigabit Ethernet to SONET Multiplexer

IP Target Vendor: 
IP Type: 
IP Category: 
Communication and Networking
IP Supported FPGA Device: 
Stratix II
IP Description: 

"The gigabit Ethernet over SONET 10:1 Multiplexer (GEOS-10) intellectual property (IP) core multiplexes gigabit Ethernet traffic into a single packet over SONET (POS) stream, using frame-mapped GFP. The GEOS-10 core is integrated with Altera's four-gigabit Ethernet POS-PHY Level 4 cores to interface to gigabit and SONET PHY devices.

Ethernet-to-SONET Flow Control
Controlled by ESMUX module
Automatic generation of GFP header to packet with destination port ID
Pause information transfer to destination ports
SONET-to-Ethernet Flow Control
Controlled by SEDEMUX module
De-multiplexes traffic from SONET side into 10-Gbit Ethernet ports
Routes packets to their corresponding ports
Extracts pause information from control packets
Asserts/de-asserts ""pause"" signal on each gigabit Ethernet port"

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