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Gamma Corrector

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DSP - Digital Signal Processing
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"Gamma correction is a kind of pre-distortion correction made to images or video frames to offset the non-linear behavior of display systems, such as cathode ray tube (CRT) displays. A characteristic of CRT displays is that the intensity they generate is not a linear function of the input voltage. Instead the intensity is proportional to a power of the signal amplitude, also referred to as gamma. Gamma is usually greater than 1 and hence the displays have a lower gain at low intensities and progressively larger gain at higher intensities. Lattice's Gamma Corrector IP core multiplies the input signal with the inverse of the display transfer function which results in a linear intensity response with respect to the original input signal.

The Lattice Gamma Corrector IP core is widely parameterizable and supports both CRT and non-CRT systems. Furthermore, both the Gamma Corrector IP core and Lattice's Color Space Conversion (CSC) IP core can be implemented to satisfy many of the requirements for video pre-processing in most display systems."

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