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EP550: SD/SDIO Controller

IP Vendor: 
Eureka Technology
IP Target Vendor: 
IP Type: 
IP Category: 
Memory Interface and Storage Element
IP Description: 

"The EP550 is a host controller for SD memory card, SDIO and MMC interface. The core connects the host CPU of the system to the SD card socket. External SD cards can be accessed by the host CPU through the EP550 controller core IP.

SD memory and SDIO are low cost, high speed interfaces designed for removable mass storage and IO devices. It is a very flexible architecture supporting variable clock rate from 0 to 25Mhz and data width of 1 to 4 bits. A data rate of up to 12.5Mbyte/sec (100Mbs) can be realized with SD interface. Features such as plug and play, auto-detection, error correction, write protection are standard with SD card interface.

The EP550 SD card host controller core is designed according to the SD Association's SD host controller specification. The core presents a very simple view of the SD card to the system software. All access to the SD
card are made through the standard control register set. DMA, burst access, CRC error detection, interrupt, timing, etc. are supported by the controller core. Because of the standard register set, the EP550 can be used to replace other existing SD controllers with no change to system software.

There are several options for user hardware interface to the controller core. The controller supports generic user interface optimized for on-chip logic interface as well as embedded CPU interface such as AMBA AHB bus. To access the SD card, the host CPU simply issue read/write access to the control registers in the core. The controllers core handles all the SD card protocol automatically including data shifting, timing and CRC generation. The core has a built-in DMA controller so that data can be automatically transferred between the system and the SD card without CPU intervention.

With the EP550, SD card interface can be realized with very little development cost. Designer can add SD memory and SDIO interface to the system by simply adding the EP550 module without changing the rest of the system architecture."

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