VLSI Training

Post Graduate Diploma in VLSI Design from Sandeepani School of VLSI Design a division of CG Coreel Programmable Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore.


The Post Graduate Diploma Certificate Program in VLSI Design focuses on imparting an overall exposure to the concept and design methodologies of all major aspects of VLSI engineering relevant to the industry’s needs. The program is designed to effectively bridge the wide gap between the VLSI curricula of universities and industry’s needs.

This Program offers an in-depth hands-on training on various design methodologies ranging from Advanced Digital System Design to Deep Submicron ASIC Design Flow, covering a broad spectrum of EDA Tools flow, which plays a vital role in moulding a fresh Engineering graduate into a skilled VLSI professional.

The course is comprehensive and rigorous, enabling the student to quickly ramp up to the level of real-world project readiness thus enhancing his/ her career prospects in the industry.

For Further Details visit: http://www.sandeepani-vlsi.com or mail: [email protected] ; [email protected]



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