video TDM - general thoughts

Hi everyone,

I'm new to FPGAs and electronic design. I did a VHDL subject last year and I was left with a Spartan-3 Digilent board.

I had a crasy idea about a project. It probably too much for my level but I thought to ask anyway.

Can I perform time division multiplexing on two standard composite video signals in order to multiplex it in to one using two ADCs. Is that doable on the spartan-3 board? Will TDM be enough or can be only done by FDM? What are the considerations? How difficult this will be?

If yes and since I only have one board, can I return the multiplexed signal into the same board, demultiplex it and pass it through two DACs?

Thank you very much and sorry if my questions were a bit silly.


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