Smart FPGA design Tool---- Robei

Robei is a simply smart FPGA design tool. It introduced a brand new visual design method for fast prototyping by combining advatanges from both graphical design and coding. Each of your design can be considered as conceptual chip inside FPGA, and can be reused at any time.

Providing a new design Style: modular design.
User friendly and easy to learn. First time users can easily manage it in fifteen minutes.
Providing code generation on structural level, reduce coding mistakes and increase productivity. In addition to that, also provides an integrated code editor for verilog coding directly. This feature opens the door for complex design.
Cross-platform. It works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Android. It is also the first FPGA simulation tool that can work on embedded platforms. You can design at anywhere with Robei.
Smallest EDA tool for FPGA design and simulation. It has only 4.5 MB.
Small waveform viewer,efficient, modern ,and user friendly. For example, different colors are used to differentiate waves near to each other.


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