read and write data to SRAM of fpga


i am new to fpga...i just want toh store an array into SRAM chiP N for confirmation read that values from SRAM.signals are "CS,WE,OE,DATABUS(bidir),ADDRESS BUS,BLE,BHE( byte High enable).i hone through the datasheet of chip.but not able to get results correctly on basis of address.can any one help???or give me some example who already done this type of experiment.



August 5, 2010 - 5:18am

 Hey, You need to sort out


You need to sort out some timing numbers. You will have to meet the timing constraints as mentioned in the datasheet of the RAM. and follow a sequence of commands.e.g the the sequence in which cs and wr signal go high or low and how you multiplex your bidirectional data bus the best thing would be to implement a state machine that does the read/write solution. In that way you would have easier control on your logic. Combinatorial logic wont be that easy to code :)


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