Problem with self diagnostic test

I have got a new Spartan-3E 1600 Microblaze Development Kit and run self diagnostic test of the board as suggested in manual.
This comprises 3 simple steps: plug into power outlet, turn on board's power switch, wait for result of test - it will be a message shown on LCD - either 'PASS' or 'FAIL'.

The problem is that it does not specify for how long the test is running normally and as the test on my board started almost 24 hours ago and it's still running I afraid that something wrong goes on. Though other things except time it takes seem normal - the green LEDs are still flashing one by one and LCD shows message:

Running Test ...
Count = 'somenumber'

'somenumber' is an integer whose value first gets increment from zero up to 999 as LEDs flash. Then it repeats all over again from zero till 998.

I am interested, whether board's testing is supposed to take so long indeed? And how long self diagnostic takes?

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