overheated FPGA? (Spartan-3E)

Me and my college are first time users of programming a FPGAs. We have bought the already assembled card Xylo-L from knjn. It has a Spartan-3E FPGA among other parts. Somewhere during the process of handling this card something has gone wrong and now when we connect power to the card it gets really hot fast. We can still put in some simple functions into the FPGA, e.g. we can make a couple of LED glow and blink. This must mean that the FPGA is not totally crashed. We have tested to reset the card with the USB cable that's connected to the card.
When be put 3,3V to the card there is a current of about 900mA to the card, which is plenty when we expect at most 300mA.

We would be very happy if anyone can give us some idea of what's wrong and/or how we can test our card to find the problem, or maybe how to reset the card completely.


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