Makes the law to be as follows specifically

Makes the law to be as follows specifically:oakley flak jacket The temperature is summer high, sweats much, goes out to travel easily to have the heat-stroke. Then, how goes out the traveling when the summer should prevent the heat-stroke? Puts on the tinted clothes: Summer goes out when the traveling should put on the white, the tint or plain-colored clothes, is not suitable puts on the black or blue color clothes,oakley flak jacket polarized because the white, tinted or the plain-colored clothes heat absorption slow, radiates quickly, is putting on coolly, is not easy to suffer heat-stroke. Wears the heat insulation straw hat: Weaves straw hat's raw material many for hollow, has the heat insulation function. Moreover, the straw hat also has certain mask function to the sunlight. Therefore, summer goes out to travel should better wear a straw hat, or takes to bring with the parasol, clicks in here examines the Omei weather situation. oakley flak jacket sunglasses Noon must rest: In the morning the air is fresh, the climate is cool. Therefore, clicks in here examined when the Shunchang weather situation, summer goes out the traveling, the departure time should sooner, rest to the noon, 34 o'clock later will again carry in the afternoon on the tourism activity. Drinks the salty boiling water: Summer high inundates, perspires excessively many,oakley flak jacket discount in vivo salinity reduction, in vivo osmotic pressure will lose balanced, will thus have the heat-stroke.

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