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Since that date, she and the film will Fengliaoyiban bearing practitioners, however, never calls out people who hold her sister.No one.Duck sword, Niangshuo Well, she and Xiao practice one a ... ...She held onto the cloud volume, hold on tightly.Trance to sit for a while, "> wholesale coach purses suddenly, a flash of red light outside the window, whiz few times, and several rockets Chuanchuang over, nailed to the table, the windows of paper instantly ignited, Han Guang shocked, and immediately got up and went to bed.Chapter 5Huo three had sat up, quickly put on clothes. Han Guang know he is not asleep, or always alert, pull up the sound, he said: "Hurry."Open the door, bearing a bow and arrow and shadow has put guns at the door, emergency channel: " "> wholesale coach bags Go back yard, on the carriage."At the moment, the inn ablaze, people shouting masi. People are scared stay up, chaotic, panic, someone shouted themselves hoarse: "Hutoushan of brigands came, faster escape ah!"Han Guang hear the shouting, the subconscious mind hesitated, how is this possible? Hutoushan people, never down to town robbery.All this is directed at her intuition Huo three come into the panic, she refused to reflect on, and Cheng Ying ran to the backyard, the Huo three advancing carriage."You guarding him." Cheng Ying clearly answer, then put the gun away toward the hospital entrance.Kept coming from all directions shot arrows, arrow Maguo grease wherever he went, a growing and becoming flames, inn quickly became a sea of ??fire.Dozens of masked men put a knife to the front yard inn door, sit back and wait in general, stabbed a few people to go out.Cheng Ying standing the aisles, pick up the bow and arrow, shot rustled a few arrows, arrow no vain, three archers on the wall stumble to the ground.Chaifang backyard at the moment has been on fire, the fire raging, horse scared Yang Ti, Changsi endless. A fire on a hay barn and can not wait, Han Guang front yard to catch a coach will be away.Out of the aisle, she handed the "> cheap juicy couture handbags hands of the cloud volume Huo three."What would you Kung Fu?"Huo three did not answer, took the sword, leaping out of the carriage. Among the red flames, striking his eye bright, fierce staunch British, murderous dangers.Cheng Ying a spear, dance was impermeable to water, the foot of countless arrows, rocket crossed his Tuibian, Paojiao of Mars. Han Guang stepped forward, making off with a knife blade to the flames.Cheng Ying back, see Huo three are fighting, urgent: "fast taken refuge in the carriage."Huo three turned a deaf ear, but brandished a knife and on.Cheng Ying extremely "> San Diego Chargers jerseys anxious, and Han Guang Huo three patrol either side.Masked men swarm Hanguangmen brandished a knife, such as electricity, blood spattered to the hands, face, warm. This is the first time she really murder.She do not know how, I think of that night's convulsion city that night Liang. Mother desperate and sorrowful face, Xiao pale little face fear training.Masked kung fu is not weak, a juxtaposition of the death posture.Han Guang Yun Shu, such as a silver in the hands of long practice, there is the potential force of a thunderbolt, Huo three hands of the cloud volume to fill the gap neat, but not as good as Yunshu sharp overbearing.

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