How do I go about it?

How do I go about it?

I am using technologies from Lattice Semiconductor.

The platform consists of a LatticeMico32 soft processor, asynchronous sram controller module and a general purpose input / output module (GPIO).

The (soft) processor is connected to the asynchronous sram controller and the GPIO modules through a WISHBONE bus.

The (soft) processor can input and output data through the GPIO.

Since, I am a newbie, I want to start with something very simple.

I want to integrate a module which
1. takes data from the GPIO's output
2. inverts the bits (or performs some other simple operation)
3. and stores the result in GPIO's input area so that the processor can read it.

The left pane in "Project Navigator" shows the Verilog sources. To achieve the above, should I add the required Verilog code to the GPIO source file? Or is there another way of going about it?


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