Help displaying images on a VGA monitor from an FPGA

I’m trying to display images from the Flash RAM card on the Xilinx ML401 FPGA to a VGA monitor. At the moment I’m just trying to make the screen turn red. Unfortunately whenever I run my design the monitor just goes into sleep mode. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Overview of what I’ve done so far:
I know that the Analog Devices ADV7125 video DAC output the analog data to the monitor. I’ve set all its 8 red input high and all the blue & green low. I’ve set Blank & PSAVE high and SYNC low (all active low). I generate a 25MHz clock by dividing a 100MHz clock available on the ML401.
VSYNC remains high for the duration of 1 frame (about 16ms) and HSYNC is set high for 640 clk pulses on each row (480 rows).

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