CR-II - To use or not to use - help!!

hi fiends..i m selvarani.. doing final year BE (ECE) i m from tamilnadu... i m doing my project using xilinx cool runner II CPLD,codings by VHDL,and i m using ISE simulator...
i have some problems in completing that project...i will explain my project..

my project is "automatic washing machine controller using CPLD".. we r setting some time to wash.. if there is any power cut.. it will stop the processs.. after the power has come..its once again start the process from where it stops... for this intelligent mechanism
now a days they r using FUZZY LOGIC... but i m trying to do this using CPLD..i tried to use registers .. but i cant do that.. so i try to use a battery to just maintain the ON state in the CPLD board only if there is power cut.. when the board is ON using battery there is no output.. if once again power comes.. battery will OFF so that board will work by getting real power.. so it will start from the finished point..
i thing u know that.. if the cpld board itself OFF , it will once again do the full program.. after it is tell me it is possible to connect battery & make the board on..
i want to make this intelligent mechanism using CPLD.. i want to make this possible..

if it is possible.. can u tell me how it is advantageous than FUZZY logic...i searched a lot abt this for many days.. but i cant get relavant datas..if u help me it will be useful for me to complete my project... u can contact me through [email protected] if u want to explain me through phone u give ur contact details.. or i will give u my number..

thanks for reading my mail..completely

awaiting for ur reply....



FPGA CPLD User (not verified)
July 13, 2007 - 11:22pm

How about flash

Storing state while power is gone is a tough think to do. I am not sure if you have the luxary to use the Flash device. But if you do, you may want to use one of the addresses to store the state.
However if you can have the battery thing work for you, I would say - GO FOR IT

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