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Synplify Value Pack

EDA Tool Vendor: 
Synplicity, Inc.

Key Benefits:

Improve Area Utilization. Increase Design Performance. Lower a Speed Grade. Debug Faster. Meet Design Deadlines.
The many demands of FPGA application design require a tool that gives you the power to reduce costs in a multitude of ways. Synplify ValuePack provides designers targeting Altera's Cyclone FPGAs or Xilinx's Spartan FPGAs with distinct time-to-market and cost reduction advantages.

Industrial Strength, Industry Leading Synthesis Engine
The industry-leading synthesis algorithms used by the Synplify ValuePack software provide a true timing-driven approach to synthesis which allows the tool to meet design performance requirements while simultaneously minimizing area – a necessity for applications such as consumer, automotive and industrial.

Unparalleled Debug Capabilities
Synplify ValuePack includes another of Synplicity's patented technologies – the Identify RTL Debugger. The Identify debugger provides designers of low-cost devices, using Synplify ValuePack, with even further time-to-market advantages by allowing the use of live running FPGAs to quickly find and fix bugs in the RT Level source code.

Technology Independence
Whether you are designing for one of Altera's Cyclone families, or one of Xilinx's Spartan families, or both, there is a Synplify ValuePack that is right for you. Select from one of six different license configurations to get the tool best suited to your design and budget requirements.

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