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Questa AFV (Advanced Functional Verification)

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Mentor Graphics

Questa is Mentor Graphic's Advanced Verification Environment and is the only integrated verification platform that can improve quality, productivity, and predictability for any verification flow.


* Advanced functional verification technology: constrained-random, functional coverage, assertions
* Advanced Verification Methodology (AVM)
* Unified coverage database
* Integrated debug and analysis
* SystemVerilog, SystemC, Verilog, VHDL, PSL
* Questa Verification Library (QVL)
* TCL/tk
* 32 and 64-bit platform support.

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* Standards-based solution to support all flows, secure your verification investment, and enable interoperability
* AVM provides structure for quickly building verification environments that are reusable and exploit all the verification capabilities available in Questa
* Open source AVM is 100% SystemVerilog and SystemC delivering verification code portability
* QVL enables easy assertion adoption with common RTL structure checks and monitors for many standard bus protocols
* High-performance, multi-lingual engine for large regression suites

* Highly productive advanced verification and debug solution with built-in verification management for large, complex electronic systems
* Fast time-to-debug through assertions and multi-abstraction debug environment
* Constrained-random stimulus generation automates testing
* Verification management integrates coverage-driven verification plan closure with the verification process
* Power-aware simulation verifies low power designs
* Codelink option enables concurrent software/hardware verification and debug
* Seamless language interoperability facilitates integration of design & verification IP

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