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Precision RTL Plus

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Mentor Graphics

Precision RTL Plus offers an improved way of designing FPGAs and dramatically increases designer productivity by providing several industry-first capabilities that enable every designer, regardless of level of expertise, to reach timing closure faster, minimize the impact of late cycle design changes, and make efficient use of FPGA architectural blocks.

Physically Aware Synthesis

* Reach design goals faster, in fewer iterations
* The only multi-vendor physical synthesis tool
o 19 device families supported and counting
o Actel, Altera, Lattice and Xilinx
* Average of 10% Fmax improvement, typical 5-40%
* Push-button so every designer benefits

Incremental Synthesis

* Minimize the impact of late cycle design changes
* Industry’s first automatic incremental synthesis maintains QoR with no partitioning needed
o Up to 60% synthesis runtime savings
* Industry’s first fully automatic incremental synthesis and P&R flow with Xilinx SmartGuide
o 3x average and up to 10x runtime savings
* Partition-based incremental localizes changes to preserve unaffected partitions
o Up to 6x synthesis runtime savings

Resource Manager

* Patent-applied-for technology in resource analysis and control
* Improve Fmax and device utilization

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