What is your preferred platform for FPGA Design Flow ?:

Precision Physical

EDA Tool Vendor: 
Mentor Graphics

All of the capabilities of Precision RTL with advanced physical synthesis environment offering interactive placement optimization capabilities for complex FPGA designs that enhances FPGA designer productivity and allows rapid timing convergence. Precision Physical offers a powerful Placement Reuse/ECO feature allowing incremental changes that preserve timing constraints and maintain predictable results.


* Outstanding QoR with integrated pushbutton physical and logic synthesis
* Improves user productivity through powerful and intuitive user interface
* Reduces design iterations with incremental and modular design flows
* Low development cost by allowing FPGA designers to select the right FPGA technology for each project

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* Includes all Precision RTL capabilities with advanced physical synthesis
* Award-winning design-analysis capabilities
* Powerful automatic and interactive physical synthesis
* Advanced placement reuse (ECO) and timing/placement debug

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