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Mentor Graphics

ModelSim SE (Special Edition) is our UNIX, Linux, and Windows-based simulation and debug environment, combining high performance with the most powerful and intuitive GUI in the industry.


* Multi-language, high performance simulation engine
* Verilog, VHDL, SystemVerilog Design
* Code Coverage
* SystemVerilog for Design
* Integrated debug
* JobSpy Regression Monitor
* Mixed HDL simulation option
* SystemC Option
* TCL/tk
* 32 and 64-bit platform support -- Solaris, Linux, Windows


* High performance HDL simulation solution for FPGA & ASIC design teams
* The best mixed-language environment and performance in the industry.
* Intuitive GUI for efficient interactive or post-simulation debug of RTL and gate-level designs
* Merging, ranking and reporting of code coverage for tracking verification progress
* Sign-off support for popular ASIC libraries
* All ModelSim products are 100% standards based. This means your investment is protected, risk is lowered, reuse is enabled, and productivity is enhanced.
* Award-winning technical support.

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