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Mentor Graphics

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Reduce board spins and increase quality with HyperLynx

The HyperLynx suite of tools can be used in virtually any design flow to help eliminate signal integrity, crosstalk, and EMC problems early, allowing you to "get it right the first time." These simulation tools come ready to use with unprecedented ease of use, delivering high speed analysis to every engineer's desktop.

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Signal Integrity


* Accurate modeling of lossy transmission-line effects, including skin effect and dielectric loss
* Analyze inter-symbol interference in multi-gigabit signals, including random jitter, eye diagrams, and eye masks to define keep-out regions
* Simulate with SPICE or IBIS models
* Advanced via modeling
* Differential signal simulation and analysis, including impedance planning and optimization of differential terminations
* Terminator Wizard recommends optimal termination strategies, including series termination, parallel, parallel AC, and differential
* Provides an early look at likely EMC failures, including both radiation and trace current analysis
* Works with all major PCB layout and routing applications

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