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0-In CheckerWare

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Mentor Graphics

Designers are rapidly adopting assertion-based verification (ABV) as the means to improve overall verification quality. The fastest way to adopt ABV is through proven assertion libraries. Assertion libraries allow designers to simply select from a library the various design intent checkers and protocol monitors and add them to the design without the need to learn new languages and/or spend a lot of effort in creating these checkers and monitor themselves.

The 0-In® Checkerware® Assertion Library dramatically improves the productivity of assertion-based verification. It consists of the industries largest set of design intent checkers and monitors for a variety of industry standard protocols. All the assertions can be used in simulation, emulation and/or FPGAs and formal verification.

* Design intent checking assertions include:
o user (custom, mutex, same_bit, timeout)
o basic (driven, known, known_driven, three_state)
o coverage (coverage, xproduct_bit_coverage, xproduct_value_coverage)
o interface (assert_follower, assert_timer, bus_driver, change_timer)
o control (channel_data_integrity, multi_port_memory_access)
o interface and control (assert_together, multi_clock_fifo, scoreboard)
o datapath (arithmetic_overflow, data_used, encoder, serial_to_parallel)
* Protocol monitors include:
o Standard buses: AMBA (AHB, APB, AXI), OCP,
o Interfaces: PCI, USB 1.1, PCI-X, USB 2.0, SATA, 10G Ethernet, SCSI,
o Networking: UTOPIA, QDR, SPI4-2, , POS-PHY Level 2


* Automatic coverage collection to quickly identify verification holes
* Total interoperability with all standard assertion formats, including PSL, SVA, and OVL
* Advanced management of checkers and assertions throughout design lifecycle
* Unique design inference capability for ease of adoption and maintainability of assertions

Supports simulators, emulators, and formal verification tools from Mentor Graphics and third parties

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