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GateRocket, Inc

RocketVision is an advanced debugging package that delivers additional value from your RocketDrive system by providing your simulator with full visibility into the FPGA hardware.

RocketVision's powerful diagnosis capability enables you to automatically determine differences between your intent and the behavior inside the FPGA as they occur.

The RocketVision software automatically inserts test points at any level of the design hierarchy with minimal overhead without requiring additional test pins on the FPGA's I/O.

With RocketVision you can quickly trace back to the root cause of your FPGA test failures and shave weeks off the system-level debugging process.
Key Features:

* Provides full signal-level visibility into RocketDrive FPGA while preserving RTL net names
* Automates test point insertion with ultra-low overhead, typically < 1%
* Automatic diagnosis function detects differences between RTL and FPGA device
* Integrates seamlessly with your preferred simulator and debugging environment

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