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RocketDrive FPGA Verification System

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GateRocket, Inc

RocketDrive is a Device Native verification system that works seamlessly with your HDL simulator to provide a dramatic increase in verification accuracy, throughput and debugging productivity. RocketDrive plugs into a standard disk drive slot in your PC and is available in several configurations, each containing the largest FPGA in its respective device family from Xilinx or Altera. With RocketDrive you can simulate your design with silicon-level accuracy and identify problems that typically go undetected until system-level debugging in the lab. In this way you can spot problems early in the design cycle when they are much easier to find and fix. Key Features: * Provides Device Native verification for complex FPGAs using same device family as your design * Accelerates verification throughput by up to an order of magnitude or more * Identifies problems with IP blocks, pin-outs and tool chain anomalies that are missed in normal simulation * Integrates seamlessly with your preferred simulator and debugging environment * Requires no changes to your FPGA design source files Visit www.gaterocket.com and learn how GateRocket can propel your next FPGA project forward!

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