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Breast lift surgery explained

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As a woman’s body changes she may experience some changes in her body some of which may be outwardly visible while others will not be visible. A lot of the times these changes may affect how the woman feels about herself and her self confidence.

One of the most notable and visible changes is in the appearance of the breasts which may not appear to have lost their shape and position on her body. As a result many women have opted to have a breast lift surgery done on them to improve the appearance of their bust.

The change in appearance of the bust of a woman may be due to a number of reasons such as age, breast feeding or having disproportionate breasts. As a woman becomes older the skin that holds up the breasts on the chest may become inelastic or overstretched and hence sag. In the case of breast feeding the breast becomes enlarged to hold milk and once breastfeeding is done the milk glands in the breast may not fully return to their original size as they had expanded and the surrounding skin enlarged to accommodate them. Top breast lift surgeons ga Where a woman has disproportionate breasts, her breasts are too big for her body.

A breast lift surgery works to correct all these anomalies with the bust so that the woman will once again have the bust she desired. During a breast lift surgery the surgeon will do a number of things to change the appearance of the breasts; he will remove excess tissue around the breast to reduce the sagging of the breast then he will reposition the nipple to the correct position on the chest to compensate for the tissue removed.
In a number of occasions the doctor may reshape the nipple if it is found to be downward pointing.

However it is important to note that a breast lift does not increase the size of the breast but merely improves their contour and firmness. If you would like to have a larger cup size you may want to consider having an augmentation done together with your breast lift so that the doctor will not only lift your breasts but also perform an augmentation at the same time.

A breast lift surgery does not interfere with breastfeeding as you can still be able to breastfeed normally after having this procedure. Although this may reverse the results of your breast lift surgery.

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