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SOPC Builder

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SOPC Builder is an exclusive Quartus® II software tool that enables you to rapidly and easily build systems and evaluate embedded systems.

One of the most time consuming tasks of building a system is integrating the growing number of components your system requires. SOPC Builder eliminates manual system integration tasks and allows you to focus on custom user logic design to differentiate your system. All versions of the Altera® Quartus II design software include the SOPC Builder system generation tool. SOPC Builder does the following:

Provides an easy-to-use GUI interface that allows you to efficiently build and modify your system
Integrates automatically commonly used SOPC Builder components, Altera intellectual property (IP), Altera Megafunction Partners Program (AMPPSM) IP, and the cores of your custom components
Allows you to efficiently connect to external processors with a library of SOPC Builder-ready IP, including Serial RapidIOâ„¢, Gigabit Ethernet, PCI, and PCI Express protocols
Enables you to create your own reusable custom components to include in your systems
Generates HDL of your system, including a system interconnect fabric optimized for the requirements of each system integrating

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