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Quartus II Software

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Quartus II software enables the highest levels of productivity and the fastest path to design completion for both high-density and low-cost FPGA design. Dramatically improve your productivity compared to traditional FPGA design flows. Take advantage of the following productivity enhancing features today:

TimeQuest timing analyzer is a new, next-generation ASIC-strength timing analyzer supporting the industry-standard Synopsys Design Constraints (SDC)-based timing analysis methodology.
PowerPlay power analysis and optimization technology provides automated power optimization capabilities and helps you effectively manage power from design concept through implementation.
Incremental compilation supports the bottom-up design flow that allows design blocks to be created and optimized independently. System architects can incrementally integrate optimized design blocks while the performance of the design blocks is preserved throughout the integration process.
SOPC Builder eliminates mundane and error-prone system integration tasks and allows you to build systems in minutes.
Push-button physical synthesis technology and the automated Design Space Explorer (DSE) simplify design optimization.
Extensive cross-probing support between tools helps identify and correct design issues.
The pin planner feature (PDF) enables easy I/O pin assignment planning, assignment, and validation.
Complete command-line and tool command language (Tcl) scripting interfaces give you advanced scripting capabilities.

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