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Digital signal processing (DSP) system design in Altera® programmable logic devices (PLDs) requires both high-level algorithm and HDL development tools. Altera's DSP Builder integrates these tools by combining the algorithm development, simulation, and verification capabilities of The MathWorks MATLAB and Simulink system-level design tools with VHDL synthesis, simulation, and Altera development tools.

DSP Builder shortens DSP design cycles by helping you create the hardware representation of a DSP design in an algorithm-friendly development environment. The existing MATLAB functions and Simulink blocks can be combined with Altera DSP Builder blocks and Altera IP MegaCore® functions to link system-level design and implementation with DSP algorithm development. DSP Builder allows system, algorithm, and hardware designers to share a common development platform.

You can use the blocks in DSP Builder to create a hardware implementation of a system modeled in Simulink in sampled time. DSP Builder contains bit- and cycle-accurate Simulink blocks, which cover basic operations such as arithmetic or storage functions. You can integrate complex functions by using MegaCore functions in DSP Builder models.

Altera MegaCore functions are high-level, parameterized IP functions such as finite impulse response (FIR) filters and fast Fourier transforms (FFTs) that you can configure to meet system performance requirements quickly and easily. MegaCore functions support Altera's IP evaluation features, which allow you to verify the functionality and timing of a function prior to purchasing a license.

With Altera’s free OpenCore Plus evaluation feature, you can perform the following actions:

Simulate the behavior of a MegaCore function within your system
Verify the functionality of your design, as well as evaluate its size and speed quickly and easily
Generate time-limited device programming files for designs that include MegaCore functions
Program a device and verify your design in hardware

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