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Actel and Aldec Prototyping

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Aldec® and Actel® have joined together delivering an industry leading prototyping solution which allows on-the-fly design re-programmability of flash-based prototypes. This solution offers an Aldec hardware adaptor compatible with RTAX-S with that uses re-programmable ProASIC®3E or IGLOO chip. In addition, RTAX2A3P EDIF Netlist converter is available, automated pin re-mapping between RTAX-S design and flash-based architecture.

Top Features
- Allows RTAX-S prototyping with Actel Flash devices
- If bugs are found in design, adaptor can be re-programmed with design.
- The prototype adaptor is footprint compatible with RTAX-S CQ352 or RTAX-S CG624.
- Automated device netlist and pin re-mapping

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Re-Programmable Prototyping Board
The adaptor board maps the footprint of an Actel ProASIC®3E or IGLOO chip on the top to the footprint of an Actel RTAX-S device on the bottom. There are two connectors on the top of the adaptor: the power supply and JTAG interface connector for programming the device. After soldering the adaptor onto the PCB, the flash device can be reprogrammed on the fly. Support for other military packages is available upon request.

RTAX2A3P EDIF Netlist Converter
RTAX2A3P EDIF Netlist Converter performs automatic conversion of the RTAX-S EDIF netlist to flash-based netlist, which means replacement of the primitives has to be done, with consideration of the limitations (differences between RTAX-S and flash-based technologies). Pin remapping utility allows automatic pin remapping eliminating additional manual work.

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