Robei FPGA design tool

Robei is the world smallest EDA tool for FPGA design and simulation. With this tool, you can design your hardware visually at anywhere, and view the simulation result through waveform. It is a tiny, fast software for hardware prototyping and verification.

Imagine that when you are waiting for a bus, on a business travel or laying on the bed, suddenly a genius idea for a piece of hardware showing to your mind, how can you implement it with just mobile phones or tablets? Robei runs on any Android platform, you can implement your design and test it immediately in such situation.

Robei has many advantages over some other software. First of all, it is cross platform, and is the first one that can run on mobile platform. Second, the simplest user interface is easy to learn and easy to use. Third, Robei supports both bottom-up and top-down design, you can double click on the model to view inside. Fourth, Robei generates standard verilog code, which can be used to any FPGA design tool.

Although Robei is very tiny, it has almost all the functionalities of a EDA software. Robei has modern GUI, Verilog compiler, property editor, code viewer and waveform viewer. The modern user interface of Robei provides visualization of FPGA design and simplified it by playing with reusable models and ports. The Toolbox is designed to contain huge of model libraries. Property designer offers the most convenient method for viewing and changing values in code. All these parts are designed to be as simple as possible for designer. As long as you familiar with Verilog language, you can manage it in 15 minutes.

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