JTAGTest now with "logic analyzer" functionality

New version of SECONS JTAGTest, JTAG IEEE 1149.1 debugging and programming solution, now supports signal recording and offline viewing.

This means that JTAGTest can use your JTAG connection to IEEE 1149.1 compliant device (such as FPGA, CPLD, or microprocessor) as a quite powerful logic analyzer. Look at the following picture which shows measured signal on a Xilinx XC95xx design:

JTAGTest logic analyzer

All you have to do is connect your board to PC using ViaTAP JTAG-USB Interface, run JTAGTest  and choose which signals you want to analyze. No need to hassle with test probes, wires, etc. All you need is JTAG cable (minimum 4 wires).

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