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FPGA Central is the central place to find complete information about FPGA Vendors, FPGA Products, IPs, FPGA Events, FPGA News and so much more.

Field Programmable Gate Array aka FPGAs is a semiconductor device containing programmable logic components called "logic blocks", and programmable interconnects. They are especially popular for prototyping integrated circuit designs. Once the design is set, hardwired chips are produced for faster performance. Its flexibility and low cost of implementation is the key factor for its success. Inspite of its gaining popularity over other semiconductor devices such as ASICs, Full Custom chips and Processors, there was no place to find all FPGA related information on the Internet. FPGA Central ( aims to solve that problem by bringing all FPGA related information under one central location and more.

FPGA Central is a vendor neutral place to find everything about FPGAs, CPLDs, EDA Tools for FPGAs. "There are websites which either provide FPGA Blogs or small list of links from around the web, but none of these sites provide a complete portal for FPGA users. FPGA Central is created to provide a central place for FPGA Vendors & Users to share experiences and information about FPGA Design, Development, Verification, Validation, Process, Tools and Products."

The sites major feature includes:

"We are enhancing user experience by providing Reviews & Ratings of all the listing on our web site. The users are encouraged to discuss their problems and share thoughts." And this is just the beginning, over next couple of months FPGA Central plans to add more features to help users to make more informative decisions and vendors to showcase their products. It is a WIN-WIN situation for all. For a limited time all the VLSI enthusiasts around the world can WIN FREE gifts like iPod, T-shirts, FPGA books & more. All you need to do is register for a FREE account with FPGA Central.

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