Looking to Hire? Post Jobs for FREE - FPGA & CPLD Jobs - Limited time


For a limited time FPGA Central is offering FREE Jobs posting at FPGA Jobs Central.

FPGA Central Jobs portal is a great way to reach all the FPGA Genius who visit the site. The jobs posted here are also visible across the web like LinkedIn, MySpace, OpenSemi Jobs and many more.  We currently display 5000+ FPGA & CPLD related jobs from around the web.

FPGA Central usually charges $39 for a posting, but for a Limited Time we will offer these for FREE. We want the employers to see how effective the medium could be.

To post the FREE job visit - http://jobs.fpgacentral.com then "Post a Job" or directly visit http://jobs.fpgacentral.com/a/jbb/post-job . When asked use the discount code "HIREFPGA" (All caps no quotes). Send us an email at "info at fpgacentral dot com" if you have queries.

Happy Hiring !!

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