How to effectivly use the LinkedIn Group

So are you part of the LinkedIn FPGA Group yet? If not you can join the FPGA Linked Group by visiting:

Joining FPGA group is a great way of connecting of 1000's of FPGA users, marketers and executives without actual connecting to them. It enables you to search the group for a particular skill and still know they are interested in FPGA & CPLD.

According to Jason Alba it allows you to:

  • Expanded search capability
  • Expanded findability factory
  • Ability to browse through other Group members
  • Ability to inMail other Group members

Read more about how to benefit from LinkedIn Group here.

There is also a good amount of FAQ at the LinkedIn site about being part of the Group. 

And if you ever need a contact on the group and can't find a better way of doing it, it is always worth to send a note to the group manager to see if he/she can connect you to the fellow members.


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