Other FPGA resources

Modern FPGA resources aren't limited to just logic blocks and connection lines, and contain other useful elements:

  • Block RAMs are dedicated memory blocks that can be used to implement in-chip data storage, FIFOs etc. Using in-chip memory blocks can eliminate the need to use external components.
  • Clock management blocks are dedicated devices that can be used to synthesize various clock signals. They are frequently used when to raise FPGA internal performance (by raising its clock frequency) when it isn't desirable to increase board system frequency, which can lead to EMI (electromagnetic interference) problems.
  • Dedicated DSP modules containing hardware MACs (Multiplier-Accumulators) that are building blocks for digital filters and other digital signal processing algorithms.
  • Dedicated high-speed serial transceivers allows high-speed input/output. There transceivers support multiple serial communication standards.
  • Dedicated hardware CPU. Although including dedicated hardware CPU cores in FPGA chip can be considered now somewhat old-fashioned, some relatively new Virtex-5 FX FPGAs from Xilinx contain a hard PowerPC core.

The FPGA tutorial has been created by 1-CORE Technologies, an FPGA design services provider.

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